Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is Recommended

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Are you aware of why wisdom teeth removal is recommended? If not, that’s OK because our team is happy to tell you! Having your wisdom teeth removed can be seen by many as a rite of passage into adulthood. Having your wisdom teeth removed is often ideal because of the health and safety of your other teeth.

Our dentist, Dr. Emery L. Edwards, understands the process of removing your wisdom teeth and is happy to help you with them. Furthermore, our team at Emery L. Edwards, DDS in Gulfport, Mississippi, is delighted to explain to you why wisdom teeth are usually best to remove.

Your wisdom teeth are usually the last of your adult teeth to develop and erupt. Typically, these teeth begin to show in the teens or early adulthood and often come with pain and discomfort in the jaw. In most cases, there is not enough room in your jaw for all four of your wisdom teeth to grow in correctly, causing them to become impacted and put a painful ache on your other teeth, which could lead to many problems.

In many cases, your wisdom teeth can crack, chip, or harm the neighboring teeth or the root of a tooth, which is also painful as they grow in. As your wisdom teeth appear, they usually force your other teeth out of their ideal alignment making it harder to brush and floss properly and can lead to an increase in cavities and risk of gum disease. Additionally, wisdom teeth below the surface can also lead to infections that can harshly damage your oral health. That is why having them removed is always idyllic to keep your oral health in excellent shape.

If you are thinking about having your wisdom teeth out or having your teenager’s wisdom teeth removed, please call us today at 228-896-4084 to set up an appointment. Our team is happy to help you and give you any help you may need about your wisdom teeth.

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