Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Composite Dental Fillings

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When seeking the ideal oral health care treatments, it is important to determine if any acid erosion has occurred to your tooth enamel. If dental erosion is present, a hole in your tooth may be present as well. This is known as a cavity. In order to remove cavities and protect your smile against future tooth decay, a highly effective tooth restoration treatment known as a dental filling will be required.

Protecting your smile with a dental filling is essential to ensure your oral health care can continue to operate as normal. If decay is allowed to continue within teeth, serious infections and tooth loss will eventually rise. Thus, all tooth decay material and cavities must be filled in with a proper dental filling. For a safe and effective tooth restoration, consider the use of a composite dental filling.

Typically, composite fillings last 7 to 10 years before replacements may be needed. However, they are more preventative to tooth fracture then dental amalgams are, and can even be used on extremely small cavities in which dental amalgams cannot be effectively placed. In addition, composite fillings are known as tooth-colored fillings because they can match the natural look of your teeth.

If you dislike the use of mercury, or you wish to have a mercury-free product, composite dental fillings are an ideal tooth restoration. This is because they are mercury-free and can enhance your smile with other materials. They are also better sealants of the margins of teeth, which is extremely beneficial for preventing leakages that can often occur with other dental fillings.

Never get yourself down due to your poor oral hygiene without first visiting with us to discuss your composite dental fillings with Dr. Emery L. Edwards and the rest of our team at Emery L. Edwards, DDS, you can make an appointment at our dentist office in Gulfport, Mississippi. To get in touch with our team, our phone number is 228-896-4084.


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